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Schulich Ambassador Program

Deniz Tawfeek , BBA 2019

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If you find yourself compiling a list of clubs to join this year, make sure it includes Schulich’s very own Undergraduate Ambassador Program. This club allows you to not only reach out to Schulich’s prospective students, but also engage in the Schulich community and show off your school spirit.

Out of the dozens of clubs and organizations at Schulich, there’s a good reason why the Ambassador Program comes highly recommended. Launched in September 2007 by Student Services & International Relations, the program membership has grown and with it, expanded in opportunities for our undergrads to showcase their leadership potential. The program aims to provide BBA and iBBA students with ways to enhance their extra-curricular involvement and represent our school both internally and externally. Through education on soft skills and the in-and-outs of the Schulich program, the Ambassador Program fulfills its goal:

“To provide an opportunity for all current Schulich students to develop into charismatic leaders who are passionate citizens, excellent communicators, and outstanding role models”.

But what does this mean, and how is it achieved? Well, you can look forward to representing our school through several different organized events throughout the school year, where Ambassadors will be able to pick and choose between planned public and social occasions that pique their interest.

So what kind of events are held? Here is a sample of the lengthy list of opportunities that members of the Ambassador Program are able to register for and become involved in:

• Help organize and be a part of Schulich/ York events
• Participate in open houses where you can meet prospective students and conduct a range of activities including mini-lectures, student showcases, and tours of our building and campus
• Visit high schools, including your alma mater, to deliver presentations about the Schulich program. Here, you have the chance to visit a high school of your choice to not only spread the news of the Schulich program, but also provide advice and guidance to curious prospective students based on your Schulich experience. This is the time to make an impact on the future of Schulich and meet the Schuligans of coming years!
• Receive and collect Ambassador points for participation in Ambassador Program events, as well as other school wide events, by submitting your extra-curricular hours for point consideration, certificates, and awards
• Attend the annual Dean’s Reception, an event held for Schulich faculty and incoming classes

So how does one join The Ambassador Program? At the start of each year, an email is sent around to the undergraduate population, inviting students to complete a short questionnaire application to demonstrate their interest in becoming an Ambassador. The questions typically revolve around an interest in the club, skills you possess that would make you an ideal Ambassador, and the possible events you would be interested in joining. Keep your eyes peeled for the Ambassador Program applications for the 2016/2017 school year, and join a memorable organization that will help you develop the experience, insight, and skills necessary for professional and personal success!

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