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Welcome To Schulich!

Houman Tahavori (UBS President) BBA 2017

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Welcome to the Schulich School of Business!

You are officially a Schuligan! I am sure you are all very excited for this upcoming school year. As the Schulich UBS President, my team and I will do everything we can to ensure a successful transition for all of you into both the Schulich and York community. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, or stop by the UBS office if you have questions or concerns that you would like to discuss. We are always more than happy to chat and hear about how we can improve your Schulich experience.

1) Never be afraid to ask for help: We have been in your shoes at one point or another, and we understand the need for mentors in our lives. Whether it’s academic help or personal, reach out to members of the Schulich community to address your concerns. We all love to help.

2) Get involved: This can be through UBS, any amazing clubs, societies, organizations, and associations that York and Schulich have to offer. A monumental part of enjoying this school experience is finding unique ways of becoming involved in our community. Take advantage of all these different opportunities and use them as tools to not only build a professional and social network, but to also learn about your passions.

3) Don’t be afraid of failure: Challenge yourself by trying new things. Learn from each unsuccessful attempt and try to better yourself. Use these failures as motivation to succeed further. While life may not always work in your favour, always remember that truly successful individuals are those who are not easily disheartened and use such moments to learn.

4) Have fun with it: You are entering a very competitive program with many ambitious students. As much as I encourage everyone to work hard, don’t forget to also play hard. Have fun and live in the moment – a necessary part of being an ambitious university student is being balanced and well-rounded.

My team and I wish you a strong start on your Schulich journey, and all the best as you take full advantage of your Schulich experience.


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