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New Territory for the Schulich School of Business

By Daniel Gary, BBA 2017

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With much fanfare, the official ground-breaking ceremony for Schulich’s new Graduate Studies and Research building occurred on Friday, September 30th, 2016. The event attracted donors, students, faculty, alumni, and YorkU leadership. The event was closely coordinated with the “Leading Change” campaign, a branch of York University’s ambitious “This is Impact” fundraising push.  York University President Mamdouh Shoukri cited the value of the new building in upholding Schulich’s identity, as one of the world’s leading business schools and a key part of Canada’s educational landscape.

Schulich’s in-house architect, professor James McKellar, noted several of the new building’s impressive features:

  • A solar chimney that can draw heat from the sun in winter and provide ventilation in summer
  • A range of new learning spaces including lounges, a second marketplace, and a fitness room
  • New organizational forms; with the building designed around academic disciplines rather than departmental divisions
  • Natural heating and cooling systems that draw from water in the Earth’s slab

Dean Horváth said that, “the new graduate building could not have come at a better time… the current building is bursting at the seams;” noting that the number of students enrolled has increased each year since the 2003 opening of the Seymour Schulich Building. A group of first-year undergraduate students attending the ground-breaking ceremony agreed, explaining that while the current atmosphere of class sizes is “comfortable”, finding spaces to study during peak times can be difficult. The students expressed their excitement about the new graduate building, praising its role in expanding Schulich’s resources and environmentally-conscious features.

Graduate Business Council President Frank Paul explained that his studies would be finished well before the new building is ready, but that all alumni will reap the benefits of the new building, through the enhanced research and innovation that will emerge from the new facility. With the spotlight on Graduate and PhD level studies, Professor Jean Adams expressed the importance of Schulich’s undergraduate program, which will gain the benefit of having more space in Schulich’s existing building. Professor Adams boasted that “undergraduates are the marvel of the school; they have fabulous ideas that are inspirational for the MBA and graduate students.”

The elaborate ceremony concluded with a reception in the Schulich Marketplace, adorned with Leading Change banners and signage. Digital tours of the new facility were enjoyed by the attendees. Work on the new facility will begin over the coming months; there is great excitement about the transformative value the new Graduate Studies and Research Building will bring to the Schulich community.

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