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Bulldog Pride – Representing Schulich at York

Samuel Soetanto

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A well-known rumor is that Schulich students wear suits every day. We do all our readings, our Connect assignments and go to our labs. After all, nerds go to Schulich, right? But a less well-known fact is that Schulich is home to several of the best athletes at York.

Moral victories, spectacular, enrichening experience, a whole lot of fun; these are the words used by our athletes to describe the fall intramurals. The fall intramurals run from October through November every year, and what’s a better way to show off your Schulich pride by competing in your favorite sport?

This year, Schulich is represented at various sports, from the fan favorites soccer, ice hockey and basketball to sports such as, ultimate Frisbee and flag football, with over 100 athletes registered across more than 7 different sports. Athletes compete against other York colleges such as the Bethune, Vanier, Calumet and the famously known to be a challenging opponent in most sports: Stong.

For most sports, each team will play in the regular season where they compete for a spot in the playoffs. The playoffs are where the pressure starts to increase as it is a single elimination game, which means that losing ends your season. Schulich’s ultimate Frisbee and soccer teams made the playoffs this season while the basketball and flag football teams’ journey ended in the regular season. Other teams are awaiting the results of their final games in hopes of making it through the playoffs.

“The best part of intramurals was being able to play sports with people who shared the same passion with you,” Thiviya Varatheswaran, an athlete for multiple sports in the intramurals, said, “it was being able to connect with your team members no matter what year they were in or what they specialized in. ”

Playing in the intramurals allows you to share your Schulich pride with people you might not know before who share the same passion as you. Each team consists of several players with students from different years, background and specializations. Who knows? Your teammate today might be the person you do Schulich cheers with as frosh leaders next year.

“One thing I learned is that you can meet your best friend by playing sports. By opening myself up to new opportunities, I was able to meet people who helped make my first year at Schulich the best it could be,” Thiviya added.

Shadman Islam, the captain of the flag football team, also agreed with this, “By far, the best part of intramurals is the family you form with your team. Regardless of the losses, at the end of the day it’s all for the fun! The people you meet and the relationships you build may turn into everlasting friendships and bonds.”

Being an athlete also allows you to show the Schulich mentality that we’re known for. Trevor Tong, a cutter for the Schulich ultimate team, talks about the tenacity of the team’s mentality, “Schulichers’ motto is either you don’t do it or you be the best in it. We can often see spirit in case competitions and other contests. This spirit also relays to our intramural games as well. We have shown dedication in wanting to be good at ultimate with countless tosses being thrown in the courtyard and numerous branch and leaves being cut off from the trees.”

“We had ups and downs, from being undefeated last year in the regular season and having a losing streak. But Schulichers are easily the mentally toughest individuals, we played in below zero degree temperatures, the windiest days, the rainiest nights, the busiest weeks and even down a couple of players. However, we never give up, we always go 200% and right now, we are doing very well,” he added.

Participating in the intramurals and showing great school spirit is also rewarded greatly, with athletes of the month awards being given out. If you need an example of how proud our athletes are of our school, just look out for the athlete of the month pictures on the notice board in front of the UBS office.

On top of competing against other colleges and representing Schulich, the intramurals is a great way to learn new skills outside the classroom. Michael Maringola, the ice hockey captain, mentioned that “(the) intramurals are an amazing way to get involved, and you can definitely learn a lot from them about your personal development and who you are. Playing sports also teaches you important skills, whether it be learning how to bounce back from a tough loss, or how to trust your teammates.”

The Schulich pride doesn’t stop on the field. In some games, students come out to support their friends and fellow Schulich students. So if you’re not an athlete, you can go ahead and show your pride for Schulich by coming out and supporting the Schulich teams! Players at all levels are also welcomed to try out a sport they find interesting.

Although the fall intramurals ended, there are more opportunities as the winter intramurals are coming up. So what are you waiting for? Come out and join a team and represent Schulich in the winter intramurals and show off your Schulich pride! Show York that nerds can dominate sports too.

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