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Opportunities: Proudly Brought to You by Schulich Partners and Sponsors

Fariha Khan

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Craving new opportunities and experiences? Well, you’re attending the right school. Schulich is known for its vast amount of connections and networks that are almost guaranteed to lead you to something special. Links to 64 corporate partners, 61 exchange school partners, and dozens upon dozens of other event sponsors, ensure that students are successful at the end of their four years of the undergraduate program. Two of the key areas to explore to gain a better understanding of exactly how these connections can help you, include the many sponsors Schulich clubs are connected to, as well as the plethora of exchange partners around the world, with the inclusion of real student examples.

Schulich clubs and extracurricular events are an excellent way to gain exposure to companies. Whether it is through a networking event at a conference or a competition, it is a fantastic way to gain access to sponsors in different industries. Quintin Au, a BBA 2016 graduate, truly epitomized the infinite experiences that can be garnered from Schulich extracurriculars. When asked if clubs helped expose him to any companies and how, his answer was, “Absolutely. Without my first club, I probably wouldn’t have gotten an internship at L’Oreal. Not only did the marketing director at SPP at the time refer me to my first job, but my SPP mentor told me to try out for the L’Oreal Brandstorm’s Case Competition even if I was going for Accounting & Finance in 3rd year. Three years later, I’m working full-time solely because of that case competition (which 60% of interns are recruited from).” This is also a testament to simply take the time, if you have it, to attend events even if it isn’t in the stream of business you aspire to work. The amount of knowledge you acquire from it may surprise you.

Schulich’s connections to its exchange partners is also something to note and take pride in. Some schools might be in nations or cities you’ve never even heard of, but every one of them have been handpicked to guarantee students are experiencing the same level of education abroad as they are in Schulich, but in a new setting. Akash Sidhu, BBA 2017, attended Peking University in Beijing, China, in the winter semester of 2016. When asked why he thought that partnership came about, he stated “I think Schulich partnered with Peking University because there is a global trend around the world where China is becoming more and more relevant in the international business scene. It represents the largest market in the world, has the highest rate of technology adoption in the world, and almost all major companies have operations in China. Peking University is one of the top schools in China and provides an incredible opportunity to better understand doing business in China.”

He was also asked if he thought Schulich provided him with an adequate amount of school options, to which he responded with, “Yes, Schulich has partnerships across the globe and each school has its own amazing appeals. The diversity is fantastic from South America to Europe and of course all across Asia and many more. I found it was an adequate amount in my year. However, there is definitely opportunities to expand to more countries and schools such as more schools in Africa and one day partnering with schools in India. Each year the list continues to grow, and I am excited to see how far it will go!” Hopefully Schulich considers partnering with more schools in these other regions, but as Sidhu stated, the diversity of the current partners already demonstrates the unique and educational experiences individuals can attain no matter where they go.

It is definitely clear at this point that Schulich is practically throwing these endless possibilities with their partners and sponsors in our faces. It’s now our job to interact with one, or two, or twelve to see where it takes us!

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