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Representing Schulich in front of Ontario!

Sayem Khan

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Any opportunity to represent my school at any given stage always attracts me because I am thankful for all the opportunities I enjoy at Schulich, and I always like to share my feelings of gratitude with people. When I first saw the picture of Schulich students (Ambassadors) at the Ontario University Fair through a popular social media platform, I immediately made the decision to be a part of this team. However, it had only been a few days at Schulich, and I had very little information about the Ambassador program. So the next day I went to Rohini’s office to ask her how to participate in OUF and got to know about how to join the ambassador program.  From there until now I have been an active member of the “Schulich Ambassador Program” which has been a wonderful platform for me to grow as a person, and I can proudly say this will always remain one of my favourite experiences. As an ambassador this year I was fortunate to attend The Ontario University Fair On September 25th, 2016. I had the pleasure to answer so many questions and talked to so many people.

I always feel respected when people ask me for my suggestions and tips. I try to make sure I provide my audience with the most correct information possible and utilize my sense of empathy to serve students according to their needs. This opportunity also helped me to talk to students about the initiatives and skills I have developed and the lessons I have learned in high school which has helped me in my post-secondary life. An interesting experience was meeting a few Schulich Alumni, York Alumni, and even faculty staff who would want their sons and daughters to pursue post-secondary education at Schulich. They wanted to know more on the positive change which has been happening at Schulich since they graduated. I was really happy to share stories of some outstanding facilities which have recently been added to help students succeed such as, “Case Competition Preparation” classes, BBA/IBBA Mentorship Program, Academic Peer Writing Support Center and so on.

I really appreciate how high school students are thinking ahead about their new stage of life, the school they would like to attend, academic and extra-curricular opportunities the school provides, and overall drawing a picture of how the transition would look like. I also did not forget to remind them about applying for scholarships. Most importantly, I was able to create a positive impact to students who are recent immigrants to Canada and are making an important decision. I know the exact situation they are going through as I was in their shoes not too long ago.

Overall, I reflect back on positive feedbacks I received from the students and the parents and ponder upon the questions I could have answered better in my next assignment as a Schulich Ambassador.

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