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Schulich Pride

Michael Maringola, iBBA 2017

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[shoo-lik prahyd] noun. A high or inordinate opinion of the Schulich School of Business, whether cherished in the mind or displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.

My own personal Schulich Pride has undergone a radical shift, and I don’t think anyone would disagree with me when I say I have immense pride in the Schulich community – if it’s not Schulich pride to keep your 2015 O-week wristband on until it falls off on December 24, 2016 at 6:15 PM EST, then I don’t know what is. But to truly understand how my definition of Schulich Pride has evolved, it’s important to start at the beginning.

O-Week: it has become a very important aspect of my life… but not because I fell in love with it at first sight. I had fun at my O-Week (shout-out to Team Blight), but cheering and dancing was never of much interest to me. Furthermore, during the school year I focused on going to class, coming home, and not much else. I was proud to be a Schulich student, but mostly because of the prestige of the school.  It was in my second year, when I joined the iBBA Committee that provided a catalyst for my personal development. In all honestly, I didn’t spend much time on the committee itself – however, it introduced me to the Undergraduate Business Council (now UBS), and by the end of that year Ji Ha (the iBBA Representative) had recommended I run for a position of the UBS. In my first year, I really wanted to get involved with student government, but I let my fears hold me back and to this day that is probably my greatest regret. I owe a lot to Ji for pushing me out of my comfort zone in second year and providing a foundation for my Schulich Pride to grow.

I did end up winning that election (don’t ask how many people I ran against, that makes it less impressive) and, to paraphrase Drake, I “went zero to a hundred real quick”. Through my position with the UBS I was able to get involved in the Schulich community, including Co-Captaining the JDCC Schulich 2016 team, and this is where my definition of Schulich Pride began to shift. I saw all the hard work people put into the community around us. I met a lot of amazing people, unsung heroes that do a lot of work simply because they want to benefit our community. That is what inspired me and continues to motivate me to this day. Now, in my fourth year, I have tried to remain as involved as I was last year, because it was without a doubt the busiest and yet most rewarding time of my life. The reason I join these things is almost selfish: I am inspired daily by the people around me. Each person I’ve met along the way is unique and amazing, and has truly made me see the value in surrounding yourself with people that are better than you. Furthermore, I met most of my closest friends through one or more of these initiatives.

This brings us to the final chapter of Michael’s drawn-out history: exchange. I am going to HEC Paris this coming winter semester and it is bitter-sweet. I cannot wait for exchange (it is often all I can think about), and yet I know I am going to be leaving behind an amazing community of individuals that have been my inspiration for the past two years. I only wish I got to know it sooner.

To put it simply, I went from having pride in the name, to having pride in the people. Everyone I have met along the way has contributed to this shift, and I am so thankful that I had the chance to meet each and every Schuligan. That’s what Schulich Pride is: pride in the people that make this community great, pride in those that work tirelessly for the rest of us. Be it through the UBS, a club, community involvement, or anything of the sort, the people are the definition of Schulich Pride. They are what makes this school so special and I would like to thank each and every one of them.

One piece of advice to all of you out there who find embracing change hard: it’s never too late. You can honestly do anything. At my O-Week, I saw execs, leaders, and other froshies going crazy while I just stood mouthing the words. I wished I could break out of my shell and do something wild and fun; fast-forward to the 2020’s O-Week, I was the one going crazy, leading cheers, and yes, even dancing (I honestly danced more during that one week than I have in my entire life). I went from being very reserved and shy to someone who constantly pushes himself outside of his comfort zone. Trust me, life is a lot more interesting and fun when you step outside your comfort zone.

So at the beginning of this article I defined Schulich Pride it its most literal and quintessential sense. Now at the end, I’m going to tell you what Schulich Pride means to me. To me Schulich Pride is: believing in the people around you, believing in the community around you, and doing what you can for it and them.

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