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How to Stand Out at the Schulich School of Business?

Mellisa Ramkissoon, iBBA 2019

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Schulich is an amazing school filled with equally amazing people. However, because there are so many like-minded individuals who thrive off of hard work, challenges, and accomplishing impressive feats, it can be challenging to stand out. Almost all, if not all, students who attend Schulich, stood out throughout their high school journey –be it as student body president, valedictorian, MVP of their school, etc. I am certain that this question I pose has crossed all our minds at least once: How exactly does one stand out at the Schulich School of Business?

Sorry, but there is no concrete answer! There is no set formula for this situation –no right or wrong approach. In a cheesy kind of way, it’s a self-learning and self-developing process. Schulich is greatly diverse, so it is up to you to explore and find your niche. For example, you may really enjoy debating or public speaking. Thus, joining Toastmasters, JDCC Debate or the York Debate Society may be options for you; in that case, one must specialize and try to become the best at whatever they put their mind to. Put in the extra effort, the extra hours, and become known for your niche and that’s how you’ll stand out.

It certainly won’t come easy, and it may even take a couple years before you actually “specialize” and become known for a particular something. But the point is that you will stand out in your own way. This extends to academics and your social circle, not only extra curriculars. Everyone has that special something or potential to discover that special something within them.  However, it is up to you to essentially find that out or simply capitalize on it. It is up to you to discover exactly what it will take to achieve your goal.

I know we all like those simple X and Y type answers; the ones in which you follow a certain procedure and get the desired result. However, coming to a school filled with ambitious students (although incredibly awesome) requires the extra effort and discipline on your part. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and build your legacy!

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