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Schulich Professor Spotlights

Lois Anaide & Alizeh Haider

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We see them almost every day, but do we actually know them?  Studies have shown (Huffington post) that getting to know your professor can be really beneficial in the long run. We all need those internships, references, or even career advice, and what better way to get them than through our professors.

They have been part of our academic lives for so long that sometimes students fail to realize that they can tap into that resource for useful and valuable advice. We all have that one professor that said that one thing we needed to hear to get that much needed perspective. Professors are an integral pillar of one’s university career, hence in our journey of four years, we should maximize our utility of precious resources that are our professors, and learn what insightful information they have to offer.

Some students realize this early on and take advantage of it, however the majority of us put them on a high pedestal, or make ourselves believe they are of a different caliber and would be impossible to talk to them, let alone to build a connection with them. Yes, there is that innate hierarchical boundary between students and teachers which seems daunting, however as the case is with the professors we interviewed, teachers are really just people with a life outside of Schulich walls, with hobbies and interests- just like us!  We see that as we get a glimpse of the personal life of two of our professors.

Professor Theodore Noseworthy, an associate professor in Marketing, with specialty in consumer behaviors, had this to say when asked about his hobbies, “In my spare time, I value family time. I am also a professional chef, particularly with Italian cuisine. I enjoy cooking with my family and using it to relax. I like to work out and ensure to align it with my other commitments.” Talk about hidden talents! And then we have Professor Moshe Milevsky, an associate professor in Finance with over 20 years of industry experience and founder of QWeMa Group software (a software that develops unique intellectual property and educational software for the financial services and retirement industry) who likes to kayak and watch soccer games. So we see that despite the achievements and qualifications that follow our professors, they are just regular human beings who like to have fun- keeping this in mind, don’t hesitate to start a conversation with your professor!

Keeping their approachability in mind, one cannot forget the grit it takes to succeed as they have, as Marketing Professor Theodore Noseworthy said, “I may not be smarter than anyone else, but I’ll work when they are sleeping.” They worked hard to get to where they are. The world does not condone laziness and neither do our professors, hard work is “KEY” and should not be taken lightly. This can sometimes be difficult, however, beginning learning from our professors now, here are some strategies that has worked for the professors we interviewed. Professor Noseworthy explains, “You need to have the principle to want to succeed and overwork knowing that the success will come with it. However, do not neglect your health as that will not be a positive outlook. Understand that what you have is a short time, but in that short time, you need to have the ability to stand out and carve out who you are.” Also, if you’re thinking of succeeding in a particular field, hear it from Milevsky himself who knew he wanted to go into Finance and worked towards that, “It is important to be up to date with every turn and twist that happens in the financial market news. It keeps you aware and in turn makes your vocabulary richer which is transmitted wherever you go”.

They have been able to use these strategies effectively to get to their current position and achieve their respective success; Professor Noseworthy who established a lab called the “NOESIS Lab which seeks to monitor and analyze consumer behaviors” and Professor Milevsky serving on the Board of Directors for Individual Finance and Insurance Decisions Centre (IFID). If we learn from them early, manage our time wisely, and play our cards right, we have the capacity to surpass our predecessors. You know how sometimes, a word can be the catalyst for one embarking on a new mission or task? Our professors, like we have and will, had their own mentors who impacted them and would like to carry that service forward. They would like to share with us, a final word of advice that honestly is instrumental in every cross-functional area of our lives.

Professor Moshe Milevsky: “Do not discount the value of the courses that you take. However, be ready to step outside the boundary and the textbook world because what the world really presents involves challenges that are frequently not covered in the course of a textbook.”

Professor Theodore Noseworthy: “Don’t be a “JACK OF ALL TRADE”. That is becoming obsolete and companies are looking for someone who is an expert in their own field or in one thing. Talent and hard work trumps everything else. It’s not about getting the highest grade in everything but that the field you want to get into, you stand out in that aspect. Ensure to hone in on your skills and make it your own.”


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