Sherri Tran, BBA 2020

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“You think this is funny? I’m-a show you what’s funny.” Vandalizing and destroying property, disrespecting those who bring forth knowledge, and students depreciating the worth of their school and the worth in themselves. Ironic, considering how “students [trash] on [their] school all day”: the same institution that provides them with education for their future, the same establishment that provides them a foundation, the same system that supplies growth.

Warner Brothers’ soon to be released movie, Fist Fight, portrays this very issue in a humourous light. Among the chaos in the school ranging from childish behaviour to a flawed administration, Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) attempts to resolve the turbulent issues with his peaceful nature, however, to no avail. “Actions have consequences,” and no actions bring forth no results. His lack of effective activity wounds up leading him in the hands of Ron Strickland (Ice Cube), a fellow, much feared teacher. Campbell is then challenged by Strickland and they proceed to engage in a school fight. The headlines? “Two teachers are in a school fight to end all school fights,” portraying the same foolish behaviour that their students portray.

Yet, why is this relevant and prejudicial concern of degrading school and each other not portrayed through a PG-18 violent film, but through a comedy? Irony; we have become desensitized and conceive violence as a means of entertainment. Countless chants of “fight, fight, fight,” endless spectators, immeasurable violence.

Perhaps this is a satire, mocking our very beings and behaviours. Perhaps it is a simple comedic film to relieve the stress holed up after a long day. Nonetheless, this film brings many messages based on different perspectives.

The two teachers portray the two types of people in society; one is violent and invoking, the other is peaceful and passive. One wants to resolve this detrimental issue, the other fuels the fire. Which categories do these teachers fall under, and which do we? Which is right? Who is right? I encourage you to watch this at your leisure to lift your spirits, answer said questions, and to reflect on ourselves.

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