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Personal Branding: Who Are You?

Sherri Tran, BBA 2020

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Hi. My name is Sherri Tran, female, 18 years of age. Does this broad description describe you as well? A name, a gender, and a number? Yet, this does not encapsulate us very well. We are made up of knowledge, experiences, and sensations; we have personality. As humans with different values and unique attributes, how do we portray such exclusive aspects? How do we personally brand ourselves to set us apart from the crowd?

Before jumping into how to initiate and maintain small talk or having engaging questions and answers, the most important thing about personal branding is making it “personal.” Find out who it is you truly are and as cliché as it is, be yourself. Then comes the existential crisis; who are you? It is easy to simply state stats about yourself, but numbers do not make you who you are. It is essential to take the time to realize your needs, your passions, your aspirations, as they will leave a lasting impact on all the decisions you make.

The first step, rather, the only step, is finding out who you are; and who you are, is made up of experiences, knowledge, friends, and family. Schulich has exactly this to offer. The student body is not made up of solely friends, but an entire family that can rely on each other. Schulich offers numerous workshops, networking events, and case competitions. What better way to learn different skills, be it technical or behavioural, through first-hand experience? This school has a lot to offer, and it would be a waste if we do not make the most of it; be it a few hours of your day or a longer time commitment, these are what make you who you are. Once you have gathered all of these newfound experiences and knowledge and you combine it with what you have already experienced and know, you are set.

I can speak from personal experience. As a first year, at my very first event, I looked like someone who was possessed. I was stiff, I was silent, and I was confused and had been overcome by everyone’s presence. Over the one semester I have spent at Schulich, attending many competitions, meeting and connecting with professionals, listening and learning from workshops, eventually, I was more natural. I am by no means a professional like many already are, but I was no longer the stiff, unexperienced, and unknowledgeable girl I once was. You learn from these experiences and you grow from this knowledge. The “me” I was portraying was the “me” that I am in front of my friends and family.

People always say to be or show the best version of yourself, but isn’t that exactly who you are?

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