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Helping Beyond The Classroom

Jocelyn Grabke, iBBA 2019

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Come September, students will be walking through the Schulich corridors trying to find their classroom. They will walk into the lecture room and search the crowd of students for a familiar face. They will look across the rows of tables, looking for the ideal spot to spend the next few months. They might engage in a brief conversation until the room grows quiet when the professor enters the room. Their eyes will scan the professor and build an impression of him/her in their minds. As they take their seats, they will begin to wonder why they’re in that course, why they’re in that school, and what they want to do with their degree. My answer to that question is that I want to be the person on the other side of the classroom.


My dream is to become a professor.


The beautiful thing about business is that there are so many options available to students. Each specialization or combination of specializations opens new paths and opportunities. Many students will have a set career in mind before they step into Schulich, but if you’re like me, maybe you’re not even sure why you chose business. Maybe your idea of the ideal job changes every other week.


It’s important to stay open-minded with all the choices. This is almost always a piece of advice given by upper years. We all have a bias. For me, I walked into Schulich knowing I was okay with doing anything except for marketing. I told myself I had an open mind, but the bias was always there. The mandatory marketing class in second year was a course I was not looking forward to taking. I was ready to write-off the entire course until one lecture when my professor mentioned briefly an aspect of marketing that peaked my interest. I was always interested in psychology. I put off my globally focused electives so I could take the Introduction to Psychology course in first year. I’m fascinated by the behaviors of others and the cognitive processes behind them.


The topic my professor touched upon was consumer behavior.


Consumer behavior is the study of people and the processes used in selecting different products or services offered, and the impact these processes have. When my professor mentioned that, I finally felt like I knew what I wanted to do. I had a goal, a sense of direction for my future. After that lecture, I did what I have rarely do, and I approached the professor.


One of Schulich’s strongest attributes is how willing people are to help you. My professor recommended I read the Journal of Consumer Psychology and the Journal of Consumer Research. After having read through a few articles, I became more set on the idea that this was the field I wanted to pursue. I approached my professor again, and she helped me even further by connecting me with other professors within the department.

I always knew I wanted to teach. As a tutor for the past six years, I knew that teaching others was a passion of mine. Schulich helped me find an area I wanted to invest in, and the help and support of the Schulich community guided those hopes onto a concrete path to reach my end goal.


So whatever your hopes for the future are, whether you have a sense of direction or are wandering aimlessly through your degree, remember that it really is important to keep an open-mind, and that throughout your journey the Schulich community will always be by your side.

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