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Veno’s Voyage: One Schulich Student’s Story

Gordon Lee

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At Schulich, some of the best pieces of advice come from upper-year students. From choosing course electives and preparing timetables to tips for recruitment season, many younger students often look to their older peers for guidance.

Veno Suthesan, a third-year BBA student, is one member of the Schulich community whose undergraduate journey has been filled with great memories, surprises, and incredible experiences he hopes to share. The Insider sat down with Veno to hear his story.

Q: Can you describe your time at Schulich so far, from the start of first year to where you are now, in terms of prior expectations and reality?

I was shy coming to Schulich, with no close friends joining me from high school. I was expecting it to be the same awkward, nerve-wracking experience Grade 9 was, as in having to meet new people and struggling greatly to fit in. I ended up using my phone to escape having to talk with people. Thankfully, things changed when a group of inclusive people welcomed me at frosh. Since the, I have become friendlier and more outspoken as a person.

Q: What would you do differently if you could go back in time, or what advice do you have for younger students?

I would join the clubs I had a serious interest in, and attend almost all of their workshops and events. At the time, I joined many clubs but rarely attended any of them. For younger students, focusing on a few clubs will not only show club executives that you care, but will lead to further promising opportunities.

Q: Looking back, what would you say were some of your best moments at Schulich?

At frosh, I started to become more outspoken and friendlier. In particular, serving as a frosh leader opened the doors to better relationships with others and awakened a sense of belonging and purpose in me. As a leader, this sense of belonging came from mentoring the froshies and helping them transition and feel comfortable with one another. I adore being an inspiring individual that can impact the way others live their lives in a positive light.

Overall, Veno’s journey, through the twists and turns, has been one of growth and finding himself. From starting first year as a timid student, through Frosh and various activities and interactions with other Schulich students, he is today confident and balancing academics with being socially happy, working out daily, and having a positive outlook on life without stressing over external factors he can’t control, something he emphasizes.

Ultimately, it is striking to see how different his expectations were from what actually transpired. In a way, his story is relatable for many Schulich students. Many have entered the Schulich building, unsure of the future ahead, only to discover themselves and their full potential. In Veno’s own words, “I am now serving as UBS’ VP of Corporate Relations, elected by my peers. I am in the best place in my life right now and I could not be happier,” a sentiment all Schulich students could aspire to be able to express.

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