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Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Review

By: Rena Gao, BBA 2019

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The trailer for Blade Runner 2049 starts off ominously, in a foggy dystopian future. This sets the stage, for the entire trailer is both dark and bewitching, leaving the watcher with a sense of morbid fascination. If the trailer is any indication, audiences suspect the film will be both fast-paced and action-packed. And if you are the type of movie-watcher who surveys the screen for well-known actors, you’re going to be in for a treat because this star-studded cast consisting of Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Jared Leto is sure to delight.

Jared Leto’s voice over commands the screen, making sure that no audience member is left without a tingling sort of apprehension. His reminder that “every civilization was built off the back of a disposable workforce” gives us a look into this strange world and the depths of its dynamics. And as if we’re not creeped out enough already, an eyeless Jared Leto welcomes into the world a human-ish looking creature falling out of its cocoon-like womb, body covered with slime and goo. Jared Leto strokes his quivering cheeks and whispers, “happy birthday.” Happy birthday indeed.

Another voice over—this time female—comes in. What she says reminds us of the bleakness of this future—that there is no escape from the status quo. Which may explain Ryan Gosling’s heroic and brooding expression—one that seems to communicate to the audience that perhaps, just perhaps, he recognizes the flaws in this organized and controlled world. And yet, he carries out orders, because that’s what he was trained to do.

Ryan and Harrison band together, evidently on a sort of quest to uncover the key to the future. They certainly discover something—something that perhaps they weren’t supposed to, because suddenly their role of law enforcer flips 180 degrees. They are on the run. From who, we do not yet know.

The audience is kept on their toes, as a building explodes, someone takes a knife to the gut, and someone (hopefully, for their sake, not the same person?) is thrown through a wall. Ouch. And as the trailer comes to the end, we are left with the biggest mystery of all—Why is Ryan Gosling, apparently, so “special”? I mean…we know why he’s special. Those “Hey Girl” memes and internet craze over this star didn’t appear from thin air! But in the context of this movie, maybe (omg, conspiracy theory time!) he’s…wait for it…a replicant? Insert collective gasp here. The trailer ends with another voice over, and Gosling looks into the pages of a mystery book with a flinty glare in his eyes. We hope, for his sake, that he’s going to be alright.

We know one thing for sure: this star-studded, action-packed movie is sure to delight movie-goers of all types. Whether you’re looking for a bit of romance, some iconic Harrison Ford scenes, or a thrilling movie in general, this is the right place to be. Blade Runner 2049 comes out October 6, so reserve your seats and get ready to be stunned by this action-packed dystopian world!

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