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SCA Stuff-A-Bus Charity Event

By: Rena Gao, BBA 2019

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It was a rainy Sunday, the dreary kind of afternoon that usually makes us stay home under the covers, when Schulich’s very own camped outside of No Frills near York University for Schulich Charity Association’s third annual Stuff-A-Bus event to collect non-perishable items to donate to the North York Harvest food bank.

In North York, over 15,000 men, women, and children access a food bank every month—1/3 of them children. The gracious volunteers stand outside of No Frills showing off home-made signs and indomitable spirit, despite the rain, to try and make this number a little less scary. There is nothing quite like coming together to fight a common cause—in this case, hunger. Through the cold and the rain, I see smiles, laughter and conversation amidst the music playing on a speaker, as they collect the goods. As Norman, first year representative of SCA, puts it, “You can have fun together as a group, and still do something good for the neighborhood.”

And when a stranger does drop off a piece of their own grocery into the shopping cart full of food, the SCA throws it back to frosh, chanting out the signature “We Are Not Worthy.” As Nusrat, an executive on SCA, puts it, “If we don’t do this event, 900 food items won’t be donated, and families miss out.” This puts into perspective just what they are doing for the greater good. One volunteer mentions, “You learn so much about human behaviour, the fact that people actually care about these causes. It’s great.” And it is great—when a stranger gives up an item, two items, or a bag full of their groceries to help another in need, it truly puts the “giving” back into the season of giving. It’s a humble reminder that we have a responsibility to others, and that in the grand scheme of things, a little goes a long way.

During this busy exam season, it’s always heartwarming to see Schulich students come together and give back to the local community. After the event, the loaded bus will take off for the North York Harvest food bank, and drop off all of the donated goods. One volunteer tells me, “One afternoon can make such a difference. It blows my mind.” And indeed, what better way to start off the season than by taking our eyes away from our textbooks and opening them to the community and the people around us. Nusrat eloquently says: “It opens your eyes to the greater things in life.”

SCA’s annual Stuff-A-Bus event is truly a success, and I, for one, cannot wait to see the things that this wonderful club does in the future!


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