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The Insider Media Conversations: A Success

By: Ali Ashraf, BBA 2021

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After months of arduous work and support from The Insider’s executive team and guidance from Schulich’s Career Development Centre, Amir Khan, The Insider was successfully able to launch its first event of the year. While this may seem ordinary to those new to The Insider, this was considered a milestone as the executive team had to work without a template from previous years.

On Thursday November 16th, industry renowned panelists took to the stage and presented their experiences working in the media business. Panelists included Roma Kojima of CBC, Martine English from TFO, Rudayna Bahubeshi from the Inspirit Foundation and Jason Colbert of Media Face. With an attendance of over 30 individuals, the event turned out to be a success and gave attendees a chance to speak with professionals head on.

Besides providing detailed insight of the media industry, panelists incorporated tips that could be universally applied when searching for jobs. Many students think networking and coffee chats are key to jumpstarting a career, but is that true? Roma Kojima, Senior Director of OTT Video at CBC, emphasized the importance of research and preparation before attending networking events. She said, “even if you’re attending an informal coffee chat, it is essential to have insight of the employer before arriving”, which will likely leave a lasting impression for people to remember. Employers at networking events aren’t intrigued by people that ask standardized questions, but rather those who are focused on building lasting relationships instead of solely talking to attain a job.

Additionally, the panelists highlighted the potential for future growth in the media industry. Being a niche field, the opportunities for advancement are endless regardless of your degree specialization. “An accounting major can still be a successful journalist” said Martine English, from TFO. In the end, everyone finds a job but landing a job that does not suit your interests is a recipe for disaster. Most people are pressured by their guardians and end up completing specializations that are of no interest to them, causing them to regret their decisions in the long run. However, the media industry provides flexibility. Whether it’s journalism, advertising or marketing, transitioning towards media is always an option.

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