Executive Team

Sherri Tran – Co-President
BBA 2020
Along with my co-president, I have received the honour to lead an amazing team of individuals for 2017/18. With a passion to bring a voice to students,
we have implemented new media streams and projects that I cannot wait to share! With an overall friendly and dorky personality, do not hesitate to reach out! If I’m not preoccupied with academics and extracurricular activities, I’m probably on YouTube or watching anime!

Insiya Meherally – Co-President
BBA 2020
I am humbled to be sharing the Presidential role with one of my amazing peers, and to be working with such a diverse and talented family of students. We have been planning a brand-new agenda for the upcoming year, and we hope to bring some more interactiveness, innovativeness, and inspiration to the Insider’s operations. If you ever found me at the Schulich marketplace, you’d most likely catch me geeking about Batman (and other superheroes), watching a 1990s thriller, or working away at an impromptu cartoon drawing!

Miriam Amdur – VP of Content
iBBA 2019
I am thrilled to be the VP of Content for The Insider this year. Together we look forward to exploring new and exciting issues, and unconventional business paths that are often not talked about at Schulich. I have a genuine passion for media and entrepreneurship, and when I’m not exploring it, there’s a good chance I’m listening to Russian ‘80s music with my friends. If you have any pitches for content don’t be afraid to send them my way!

Rena Gao – Director of Content
BBA 2019
As your director of content, I am extremely excited to be part of the Insider—I am ready for a world of fun this year bringing all of YOUR wonderful voices to the table! I can best be described as an ambivert who loves playing tennis, writing, drinking bubble tea, socializing, among other things. If you have any questions, thoughts, or anything Schulich or non-Schulich related, feel free to shoot me a message! 🙂

Udaibeer Sangha – VP of Corporate Relations
BBA 2020
Really excited to have the opportunity to head the awesome CR team at the Insider! This year, I want to do big things, getting diverse and new sponsors and corporate partners, bringing amazing reps out to our events, and helping the Insider really take it’s place as a club rather than just a media group. To do this, I’m going to need YOUR feedback. Please connect with me on Facebook (or better yet, Linkedin) and tell me about what companies and organizations you might like to see on campus, and we can try to make that happen.

Talon Becker – Director of CR
iBBA 2020
Over the moon to be joining such a wonderful team this year! Being on the CR team for the insider I want to ensure that the diversity of the representation of companies is being equally shown throughout the year. A little about me now, I am a farm boy born and raised in a little town called Hanover (Google it; its kinda cute). In between all my extra curriculars and school work I am also a residence Don thus, I have a passion towards helping you! I LOVE meeting new people so I encourage you to reach out to myself at anytime through social media.

Muhammad Mustafa Moeen – Director of Corporate Relations
BBA 2020
I am delighted to be serving as your Director of Corporate Relations for the academic year 2017/18. I have previously worked with media groups in Pakistan focusing largely on content creation and blogging. Subjects, apart from coursework, that genuinely interest me are corporate sustainability, sports management and cryptocurrency. As an executive, I plan on helping The Insider grow, reach new heights and establish itself as the voice of the entire Schulich community

Sarah Abdu – VP of Events
iBBA 2020
I’m super excited to be working with such a great team to start this new chapter for The Insider Media. As the Events committee is new to The Insider, I’m looking forward to helping to shape that role with Mahesh and Nil! My goal is to create an Events committee that is shaped by and features the diverse community that we have.  In my spare time, I enjoy independent films, documentaries, politics, art and trying new things. (food/adrenaline-pumping activities/etc.). I also love connecting with new faces, so feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or in-person if you have any questions/comments/concerns! 🙂

Nil Harxhi – Director of Events
iBBA 2020
I am so pumped  to be one of the new directors of events, part of my role is to help create and set up events that are relevant in the schulich community. I am excited to take on this daunting task as I am prepared to change and talk about schulich issues by creating events that help students realize the potential they possess.  I am thrilled to work with the Insider team as we are one committed crew that are willing to bring out the voice of the Schulich community. In my spare time I love to binge watch the Harry Potter films or sleep. (Sleep is very important) I am also very friendly and love meeting new people, so if you want to hit me up don’t hesitate to message me I am all ears!!!

Mahesh Pokhriyal – Director of Events
BBA 2020
As an individual who is passionate with enhancing and being a voice for our student life, I am excited to have the opportunity to serve as your director of events and be part of the Insider fam. As your director of events, I will be excited to initiate new events and club initiatives to illuminate our school year and make it SchuLIT. If you ever catch me at Schulich (I’ll most likely be found sleeping), feel free to shoot me any questions. When I’m not working, I like to play and watch a variety of sports, draw, read, and play the violin!

Dhwani Agrawal – VP of Finance
BBA 2018
I am ecstatic and humbled to be presented with the opportunity to be VP of Finance for The Insider Media Group! Along with my other executive team members, my goal is to allocate and maximize our resources (time, effort, and money) effectively and appropriately such that all of you (undergrads and grads) gain the best possible experience. As part of a passionate, innovative  and remarkable team, I look forward to a great year with tons of fun filled endeavours. I am specializing in Accounting, Finance and OMIS, and yes, I am progressing towards the CPA and (maybe) CFA designation. However, I truly enjoy learning new things, reading, painting, and playing sports! I immensely enjoy socializing as well! Hence, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message! Whether you got compliments, concerns, or questions, I would love to talk and will try my best to help! 🙂

Ryan Sanayhie – Director of Finance
BBA 2018
I am honoured at the opportunity to be this year’s Director of Finance. Together with the VP of Finance, we will ensure that we not only stick to our budget, but to also maximize the impact of every dollar that is spent and earned. I am specializing in accounting, en route to the CPA designation. In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, working out playing video games, and binge watching anything. I love talking about sports, entertainment, and Schulich. Don’t be a stranger, reach out to me whenever!

Ika Janiszewski – VP IT
iBBA 2019
As your VP of IT for the second year running, I am so excited to be back with this stellar team. With the goals of taking the Insider to new heights as a true media organization, I can’t wait to improve the website, make it more interactive and dynamic, expand it to cover new forms of media, and truly capture the student voice. My goal this year is to make the Insider your space to share original content and ideas, and foster discussion for key student issues.

Timothy Haron – Director of IT
BBA 2019
Hi, my name is Tim and I am going into my third year with a specialization in both finance and OMIS. This is my first year on the Insider team and I look forward to expanding the Insider’s reach to different online platforms in my role as the Information Technology Director. Outside of school, I enjoy exercise, watching movies, listening to indie music and almost anything superhero related (especially Batman)!

Natalie Puchalski – VP Marketing
iBBA 2018
Hey! My name’s Natalie, and I am beyond thrilled to be serving as your VP of Marketing for The Insider this year. As a 4th year student who adores all things creative, I’m looking forward to collaborating with everyone else on the team to help connect our community here at Schulich in the best ways we can. Other than that, I love singing and writing music, graphic design, and my dog, Szczepan. You can usually catch me on Facebook or gaming, eating french fries, or listening to music in the Schulich basement – be sure to stop by and say hello! 🙂

Tianna Smith – Director of Communications
BBA 2019
As your Director of Communications for The Insider, I am extremely thrilled for the opportunity to inspire, connect and grow the Schulich community. Being a true media organization, we will explore current and exciting issues, shed light onto unconventional business paths and ensure every voice is heard. In my spare time, I love exploring new restaurants downtown, shopping, socializing with friends or reading blogs while riding the TTC. Feel free to message, I’d love to chat! 🙂